Royal Canin Show 11.5.2014 12.05.2014

We went to Helsinki International Dog Show with both Ringo and Sintti. Norwich Terriers were judged by Pirjo Hjelm (Kennel Big Lady’s). Ringo’s wide front movement put him onto th 3rd place in males. Sintti was shown in the open class for the 1st time. She got an excellent and won her class but didn’t get a CQ. Even though my own dogs didn’t do that great this time, our spirits were high. Ringo’s young daughter Luna (Golden Choice’s Lisette) did quite well during the weekend. She was BOS with CC and CACIB at Hamina INT and finished BOS at Royal Canin Show as well. This time she didn’t get a CACIB because of her young age.

Luna (Golden Choice's Lisette) with Hamina INT's BIS-4, Ragus Classic Rock. Luna (Golden Choice’s Lisette) with Hamina INT’s BIS-4, Ragus Classic Rock.

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