About us

I’m Maija Soini, a dog owner in her mid-thirties from Seinäjoki, Finland. Dogs have been my hobby since I was a teenager and I’ve always been surrounded by these creatures, – mostly terriers. I got my first own dog, border collie male Rico, in 1995.

Norwich terriers came to my life through my aunt, who got her first Norwich in 1988. After that, it still took me 20 years to get really sucked into the Norwich-world, – again through my aunt in 2008. First Saimi, Leeway’s Back In Black, was a walking companion every now and then, but shortly after that I was already handling her at dog shows. Saimi’s done pretty well at shows and she’s got one cc from Finland, Estonia and Belarus. Saimi was mated in May 2010 and I had reserved a bitch puppy from that litter. However no bitches were born and I got Ringo instead, – a decision I haven’t regretted at all.

I’ve passed the Ring Steward’s course in fall 1997, Breeder’s course in spring 2010 and gotten the kennel-name Rat Trap’s in May 2010. I took part in the advanced course in the fall of 2011.

I’m a member of The Finnish Kennel Club and Suomen Norwichin- ja Norfolkinterrierit ry (The Norwich And Norfolk Terrier Association of Finland). I’m also a executive board member of the latter.



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